Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry 3rd Edition


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By Neil S. Norton, PhD
Copyright Year
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229 x 152 (6 x 9)
Approx. 480 illustrations (480 in full color)
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Publication Date
9 Nov 2016

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Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry is a text/atlas written to help dental students and professionals learn and review head and neck anatomy. Designed far first-year dental students, it alsa serves to teach anatomy to students of dental hygiene as well as a review far the practicing clinician. The head and neck comprise the foundation far dental anatomical study. The many small, interrelated structures are not easily observable, which makes head and neck anatomy one of the most difficult disciplines far students to master.
This 3rd edition has received a bit of a facelift. Elsevier has redesigned the look of the book, and I hope you are as pleased with the outcome as I anı. There are numerous additions and revisions to the book. First is the appendix on the lymphatics – with emphasis on the head and neck. Second, more than 30 radiographic images have been added to the existing image catalog to complement the anatomy illustrations throughout the text. Radiology is an important part of the education of every dental student, and it is a natural addition to any anatomy text. Third, more clinical correlates have been added to provide real world scenarios far the student. Fourth, many of the tables and artwork have been revised fallowing the suggestions of many of our readers of the previous editions. In the 3rd edition, there are 50 new questions that cover the chapters in the text. However, to give our readers more, Elsevier has created a test bank of questions on Student Consult. Thus, students can access ali of the questions from previous editions as well as other review questions on Student Consult far a more robust review of the material. Another perk of Student Consult includes the addition of short anatomical video elips using the imaging from the 3rd edition.
To understand the clinical significance of an anatomical concept is to understand the anatomy. It is with that in mind that a series of clinical correlates that relate specifically to dentistry are provided at the end of the chapters. There are many anatomical topics covered in traditional head and neck courses that have been expanded especially far this text. A chapter has been dedicated to the temporomandibular joint. In the chapter on the oral cavity, more infarmation has been provided far the reader on such topics as dentition. Chapters on the development of the head and neck and basic neuroscience are included to help connect with other related anatomical areas. A chapter on intraoral injections is included to help teach and reinfarce an area often over!ooked. The intent of these chapters is to provide the reader with a brief overview of important concepts related to head and neck anatomy.
A superb team of medical illustrators created new art to complement the anatomical illustrations of Dr. Frank H. Netter, which resulted in a more complete learning tool. In paıticular, the new illustrations of Dr. Carlos Machado demonstrate why he continues to be the preeminent medical illustrator in his field. The Temporomandibular Joint chapter features 6 new figures by Dr. Machado, and I know you will find them as spectacular as I do. Essential infarmation is presented in tables and brief text that are integrated with the Netter art to help bridge gaps and augment the readers’ knowledge of head and neck anatomy.
Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry is far those in ali stages of the dental profession. My hope is that this book will provide an essential resource to readers in helping them to learn and appreciate the complex anatomy of the head and neck.
Netter’s Head and Neck Anatomy for Dentistry 3rd Edition

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