Guide to Radiological Procedures

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Nick Watson
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Guide to Radiological Procedures
Radiological techniques continue to evolve as the result of a combination of many factors; particularly the on-going advances in imaging hardware and software technology, and the continued refinement of the physicochemical properties of intravenous contrast media. Successive editions of this Guide have reflected this constant progress and the consequent continual evolution of our diagnostic and therapeutic armamentarium which is a central feature of our specialty. Even in the five years since the previous edition of this Guide, many routine day-to-day examinations have changed led, in particular, by advances in CT scanner technology. The bari um enema, the IVP, V /Q isotope scanning and many invasive catheter angiographic examinations have now largely been replaced by their CT-based equivalents. Similar changes are seen reflecting advances in MR and ultrasound technology and radiologists continue to take on an ever-increasing role in therapeutic interventions previously the domain of the surgeon.
We set out to reflect these changes but retain the compact nature and accessible format and, therefore, the usefulness, of the Guide. Ali chapters have been thoroughly reviewed and, where appropriate, revised and rewritten to reflect current radiological practice, and a new chapter on patient consent has been added. As always, it is a difficult balance to ensure that current radiological practice is faithfully reflected but not to dismiss older techniques which may stili be used in some centres or may continue to be required where there are contraindications to current preferred techniques such as MR imaging.
It has been a great privilege to be involved with this Guide; the 2nd edition of which rarely left my side as a junior radiologist. I hope the book continues to be a valued resource for the current generation of radiology trainees.
Guide to Radiological Procedures
Nick Watson

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